Corridor Enhancement Study

NYS Route 50

Town of Milton 

NYS Route 50
Corridor Enhancement Study

The Town of Milton is conducting this Corridor Enhancement Study to identify transportation and land use policy recommendations that would guide growth in the corridor. The study will also explore improvements at the intersection of Northline Road and NYS Route 50. The study area extends from the Village of Ballston Spa to the City of Saratoga Springs.

Study Purpose

The corridor study will examine existing land use, zoning, access management, complete streets and transportation and intersection improvements for multiple modes including vehicles, transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The corridor was previously studied in 2005 as part of the Route 50 Transition Area Strategic Plan. This current effort will update that plan and identify recommendations for implementation. 

Intersection Improvements

The study will include an analysis of intersection improvements at Northline Road and NYS Route 50 to enhance the traffic flow and compliment potential land use changes within the corridor. Two alternatives will be evaluated including (1) signal and geometric modifications and (2) a roundabout. Developing conceptual plans for intersection improvements will set the stage for future funding to implement the recommended improvements.

Land Use and Zoning

Evaluating the existing land use and zoning along the corridor provides a snapshot of the general distribution, location and characteristics of land used. Land use and zoning differ in that land use describes what the land is currently being used for, while zoning describes the types of land uses that are allowed as established by local zoning laws.  This study will evaluate current land uses and make recommendations for future land uses, land use policies and land development guidelines that align with the community vision for this corridor.

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Complete Streets

Complete Streets include roadway design features that accommodate safe, convenient access and mobility for multiple modes (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and motorists) and users of all abilities.​ The following complete street categories will be considered during this project:

  • Accessibility - includes the ability to move with ease regardless of age or ability and includes presences of facilities for pedestrian, bicyclists and transit riders.

  • Connectivity - is the ability to connect modes as well as connect neighborhoods to nodes of activity.

  • Safety - includes a safer environment for all users regardless of mode.

  • Placemaking - involves creating a livable, walkable , vibrant neighborhood with an identify and enhanced quality of live.

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